Why We Do What We Do

As we continue development of Talar.io and roll out new features, we think it’s vitally important that we share our passion for communication and explain why we do what we do.

We’ve built Talar.io specifically for health, wellness, fitness and well-being use cases. The use case is simple… We set out to build the infrastructure that helps others lead healthier, richer lives. We’ve found through personal experience that health is not a thing that you do once a month or buy in a bottle. It’s a way of being, it’s a choice that one makes and it’s a daily set of habits and behaviors that make a healthier whole.

So we set out to build a full featured, multi-channel platform that allows you to communicate with your customers through all the touch points that they use… Email, text, postcards, twitter. Engage through voice and video, help people build the habits and lifestyle that they want.

With simple, asynchronous communication tools, we take the labor out of communicating so you can focus on coaching, encouraging, inspriring.

That’s exactly why we built Talar.io.