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Send Pictures and Images
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.02/minute - outgoing
.015/minute - incoming
Make & Receive Voice Calls From
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Pricing is ala carte, you can mix and match any channel with any quantity

You can Choose to auto-recharge your account. If you’re in the middle of a send, will automatically recharge your account to the level you set in advance.

SMS messages are 1 credit per 160 characters. A 161 character message charges 2 credits. A 480 character message charges 3 credits.

Twitter Direct Messages: Free to send messages to those following you

Video: 2.5 cents per minute, per user Connect up to 10 video streams (total number depends on bandwidth availability for host and guests) Send invites from via text, email, twitter dm and postcard for video conferences, trainings and one on one meetings Does not require any special plugins. Works on Chrome or Firefox for Mac, Windows and Android. iPhone is not supported (Apple’s choice, not ours).

Voice 1.5 cents inbound, 2 cents outbound per minute Option to record, store and transcribe Record and store: 3 cents inbound, 3.5 outbound per minute & .002/min/month storage Record, store and transcribe to CSV: 10 cents inbound, 12 cents outbound per minute & .002/min/month storage.