FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a limit to the number of contacts that can be uploaded?
No, there is no limit. And we do not charge based on the number of contacts you have in Talar.io.

SMS Text Messaging

What phone numbers can I send from?
We use long code virtual numbers, the traditional 10 digit phone number. You can select from almost any area code in the US. Most of the time, large metropolitan area code phone numbers are all used up and difficult to get ahold of (201, 212, 213, 312, 206, etc.).

What phone numbers can I send to?
Any phone numbers that have opted in to your campaigns.

Can I make and receive phone calls on these phone numbers?
Yes, you can also send and receive phone calls on these phone numbers. You can also have inbound phone calls on your virtual number forwarded to any phone number you’d like.

How many characters can I type in an SMS message?
Up to 160 characters. Anything over 160 characters automatically converts to MMS and is charged the MMS price.

Can I send more than one campaign at a time?
Yes, you can send multiple campaigns simultaneously provided each campaign is sent on it’s own virtual number (Campaign 1 is sent on VN 1, Campaign 2 is sent on VN 2, etc.). The max send speed of ALL campaigns sending simultaneously is 1800 outbound messages per hour.

Can I multivariate test with Talar.io SMS?
YES! We encourage and recommend that you constantly test and tweak your outbound message. Learn more HERE. More on multivariate testing HERE

MMS Messaging

What is MMS?
MMS is an acronym for Multi-media Messaging Service. It takes on two forms; Pictures, images, barcodes/QR codes and text messages over 160 characters.

Why convert text messages over 160 characters to MMS?
If messages longer than 160 characters are sent as SMS, they are broken up into 160 character chunks on the receivers phone and often times get delivered in the wrong order by the carrier.

What are the size limitations to images sent via MMS?
Images no larger than 1200kb (slightly less than 1MB). File size is the only requirement. Generally, 72 dpi images are fine for MMS.

Can I send images that can be scanned at Point of Sale?
Yes. We recommend a minimum of 96 dpi for anything that will get scanned. This includes, barcodes and QR codes.

Can I include links in MMS images?
Yes, but they will not be clickable. If you have link that goes along with your image, include it in the Message window. That way, your image will deliver with a clickable link directly beneath the image.

Direct Mail

What is the cardstock are the postcards printed on?
We use a USPS approved 10pt (.010″ inches thick, .25mm thick, 252gsm)

What colors are printed?
Full color on both sides, also referred to as 4 color process. Our postcards also include a full coverage UV coating on the front side for protection during mailing.

Does the cost include shipping/delivery/postage?
Yes, postage is included in the cost. All postcards are sent via First Class postage, so you can include transactional and promotional material. Those items are generally not permitted to be sent with Standard Class postage.

What’s the minimum amount for mailing?

What’s the delivery time?
Plan on 2-4 days to the Eastern time zone, 1-3 days to the Central time zone, 1-3 days for the Mountain time zone and 2-4 days for Pacific time zone.

What is bleed?
Bleed allows the artwork to go right to the edge of the cut line of the postcard. If you have artwork you with to bleed, make sure that the artwork extends at least 1/8″ past the cut line. Anything less can result in less than desirable white edge or space on the live postcard. See our postcard templates below for more information.

What if I don’t want bleed?
No problem, just build in a white border around your postcard on the inside of the cut line.

What’s the cut line?
That is the final trim size of the postcard. E.g.: 4 x 6″, 6 x 9″, & 6 x 11″. If you don’t want bleed, just make sure that you have a white border inside those sizes.

Do I add the Indicia for postage?
No, we’ll add it on our end. If you upload a backside for printing, please make sure you adhere to the USPS requirements for barcode clear area, return address area and the mail to panel. They are different for each size postcard. You can view them here : 4 x 6″ Postcard | 6 x 9″ Postcard | 6 x 11″ Postcard

Do you offer Graphic Design services?
We can assist in putting together postcards for you for a small nominal fee (usually $35 an hour with .5 hour minimum). We don’t do graphic design, but if you supply the logo and the copyright approved images along with the copy, we can composite, typeset, and finalize the postcard for you. We don’t do logos, photoshop, copywriting or create vector images from back of the napkin ideas.

Need help finding copyrighted images? This is where we start:
Royalty Free Images & Pictures
Free Vector Images

How do I proof before the postcard is printed?
Click the Preview button for an on-screen proof of your artwork. Please note that it is important to use hi-rez graphics (more on this in a moment), we cannot be held responsible if the postcard prints in low resolution. If you have any questions or want a quick review by Talar.io before sending, just email or call us. We usually try to turn reviews around in 15-20 minutes during business hours.

What is Scrub & Send?
In order to do the final preparation for the USPS, we scrub the address list to a list that the USPS maintains. This updates any address so that postcards have the most accurate address and the highest possibility of delivery.

Anything that can go wrong that I should know about?
Yes… Images can appear hi-rez on your computer monitor and print lo-rez (jagged, fuzzy, pixelated). We recommend using at least 300 dpi images when viewed at 100%. If in doubt, submit your file to wings@talar.io for review before you Scrub & Send.

Do you print other products?
Yes, we can print tri-fold brochures, pocket folders, pressure sensitive labels (with a specialty in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical labeling and packaging) and vinyl clings. Contact us directly for assistance. Check out these cool seed boxes we printed up for Eko Miko.

Any questions we don’t answer here? Confused by any of this? Need help? Call us, text us, email us, we’re here to help.