It’s important that you know about our business; our product, the features, the benefits to you. Just as important to us (and we hope for you) is our culture.

It’s our position that a healthy, fun culture builds a better product. We also want to attract customers that approach the world and their business in the same way.

Our approach to our business and to our customers is guided by these five principles:

Problem Solvers – Our business revolves around helping you solve problems. Fundamentally, we believe that all great ideas, and solutions originate from problems.

Risk Takers – We’re not afraid to be bold and try something and assess the results. Sometimes the results appear quickly, other times you need time to see the effect through the noise.

Agile & Responsive – The best opportunities arise from those who react quickly to market conditions and respond accordingly. Being nimble allows us to see the marketplace in new and creative ways.

Empathetic Advisor – We’ve faced the same challenges that you have. We know how hard it is to gain one new customer, and the challenge to keep your existing customers delighted.

Communication is Everything – Without communication, there is no start, there is no growth, there is no challenge and there is no reason to exist. Graceful communication is the most important business your business can own.

Mission Statement

We exist to provide a more thoughtful messaging experience for both our customers and their customers. By bringing unification and automation to disparate messaging channels, we simplify business messaging processes.